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Archive for November, 2009

Things that happens when you don’t know what you are talking about —

In Debian, if there exists a bug in a version of a package in SID (let’s take as an example GRUB2 version 1.97+20091125-1), and it has a severity marked as Critical, then it won’t touch testing until such a bug is fixed… It is as simple as that. What happen when?: a) You are not […]

error: you need to load the linux kernel first —

If you are getting the problem which is written in the title of this post related to a recent upgrade in Debian SID of GRUB2 to version 1.97+20091125-1, then you have to modify your grub.cfg and remove the /boot/ part of the entries referred to the kernel image and initrd in the grub.cfg configuration file. […]

On email addresses. Is there an impact? —

I have been reading comments on Sandro’s post about the use of email addresses. I am not sure about what he really wanted to express exactly, because I can’t see anything wrong when someone from other distro upload a package into the archive and they use their distro’s mail addresses so it is clear that […]

Publicada Biblioteca de Proyecto Ciencia —

Gracias a los esfuerzos continuos de los miembros de Proyecto Ciencia, hemos hecho oficial el lanzamiento de un nuevo servicio a nuestra nube, una Biblioteca On-Line para el uso de la comunidad. Los formatos en que podrán ser descargados los libros son: 1) PDF 2) DJVU 3) DOC 4) LIT 5) RTF Para más información […]