Everything about my artistic background

"Art, Undeniably, is conductive to happiness." Unknown.

I play the classical guitar since I was 13 years old. I studied different styles including: venezuelan waltz, tango, flamenco, baroque music, etc. In the recent years I have been rather inactive, however I started again.

In the section shown below I will present the Music Repertory I am preparing right now. I will be adding more and more guitar songs, and if possible some recordings.

Music Repertory

  • Romance - Anonimo.
  • Variazioni, op. 45, (guitar) c. 1811 - Mauro Giuliani.
  • Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico, (guitar) c. 1508 -1580 - Alonso Mudarra.
  • Asturias (Leyenda), c. 1890 - Isaac Albéniz.
  • Milonga, 1949 - Jorge Cardoso.
  • Tango en skaï, 1985 - Roland Dyens.

More information soon.

What I listen to, and What I watch

I have a profile at and If you want to know what I watch, you can take a look at My Youtube Channel.


One of the musical projects I was more committed. Taciturna was an alternative/indie rock band formed in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Alguna Duque

A collaboration I was part of on November 2015. Listen to it on: Spotify, Deezer , Google Music or Apple Music.