Today, I am turning 25. Now what?! It’s a quarter of a century!. Now, I have friends who I have met for more than 15 years… How fast the time pass by… Now, I am not the one making fun of those who were 25 years old… (If I remember it well, I used to do it when I was 20).
It’s time to redefine some stuff in my life. I confess this age has had an impact on me. My next goals, in a short time, are :
1) Finish my NM process.
2) Write my thesis.
3) Make a publication of a paper about DNA in a Journal of Chemistry.
There is a phrase of <a href=”” target=blank”>John Randolph</a> which I’d like to share: Time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions.