Two days ago, I arrived from Choroní which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Venezuela. There, It was held the “II Congreso de Fisicoquímica Teórica y Computacional” (Congress of Theoretical and Computational Physical Chemistry). The congress was really nice because it was a meeting which included quantum chemists from Venezuela and from another countries. I went there in a bus that was assigned by La Universidad del Zulia for me and other attendees. What does this have to do with the title of this post? Well, I had the chance to share time with people (my co-workers) that in some way they live the life in a simpler way than me. For example, they don’t care using Linux, Windows, or Mac. They don’t care listening to Salsa or whatever other music. They don’t care using semi-empirical methods or Ab Initio ones. They don’t care studying organic compounds or inorganic ones… So I had a reflexion: should I have to be a little bit more flexible with my points of view? Should I stop being that critic with every field that I study or I am part of? By the moments, looking at what I have been able to achieve being how I am, I think I shouldn’t turn. But I accept it was good to see and share time with people that live life a little bit simpler (and I am aware that I have to improve some stuff about me).
There was a poster section where there were lots of interesting Physical Chemistry works that are being carried out in different parts of Venezuela. My poster was related to the linear and non-linear optical response of the nitrogen basis of DNA, RNA and their tautomers in Gaseous phase . It was interesting to see that most of the computational calculus servers, Grids, and clusters were running Debian instead of systems based on Red Hat which have been for long time widely used in the world of sciences in Venezuela :) I hope to see more and more laboratories of my country using Debian with the pass of the time. However, the implementation of Debian has increased a lot in this field. In the laboratory that I am part of, almost all the machines uses Debian as environment to carry out quantum calculus.