Well, I was so tired of my mini hp 2133 that I decided to exchange it or selling it. The main reason of this is the lack of Linux support from VIA (No 3d acceleration, no free driver for Wifi, etc). I was looking at http://www.mercadolibre.com.ve/ and I found a guy who was selling/exchanging a G1. When I saw that, I thought: this could be the chance to get a G1 without using the credit card :P. So I contact this guy, I met him at La Vereda del Lago de Maracaibo and after checking both devices we made the exchange.
I have to say that I am happy with the exchange because I was using a Motorola w180 which is a fuckin’ shame of phone. Besides, the G1 is in very good shape.
The G1 is a very amused phone. I had to reset it. Such a process was very easy. I followed the procedure at http://www.androidcentral.com/factory-reset-tmobile-g1/
It’s time to go to bed now, or I hope so ;-). I think I have done a good exchange, don’t you think so?