I have been reading comments on Sandro’s post about the use of email addresses. I am not sure about what he really wanted to express exactly, because I can’t see anything wrong when someone from other distro upload a package into the archive and they use their distro’s mail addresses so it is clear that I don’t agree with the first point of his post. Now, regarding the second point, I don’t understand why when being a DD and an Ubuntu Developer at the same time some people prefer uploading to Debian archive using @ubuntu.com but well, anyone is free of doing what they think is correct and this is not something which is in the policy so it’s OK. But reading the first point made by Stefano’s post made me understand why.
I got surprised when I read the Jon’s post about debian kernel contributors and I looked for the word debian in http://lwn.net/Articles/247582/ and nothing was found. I subscribed for a while, just for curiosity, in the Linux Kernel Mailing List and I was able to read some mails from people I know they are in Debian and just because the patches weren’t signed off with debian mail addresses Debian does not appear in such a post at lwn.net. I’d like to add that, for not being misunderstood, I do respect all kernel contributors, because their contributions are really important for the whole community and we are aware of Debian’s contributions. My point is that it should be accepted that there exists an impact when using one or another email address and it should be considered (when you are part of both projects, in this case, Debian and Ubuntu).