Information technology

Debian & others

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." Linus Torvalds.

Since I was 8 years old I developed lots of interest in computers. I remember some classes I had in elementary school, and the fact that my father bought me a PC powered by an intel 386 processor. Then at the university in Venezuela, I had some courses about quantum chemistry in which I learned how to program. Later. I met people from the computer science department, and I get so involved with the Linux community that I decided to become an official Debian developer. I gave several talks related to free software across Venezuela, and at some point I got a position to work as a sysadmin in a medium size company. I also am a member of Debian Science team.

I know how to program in Fortran because of my scientific career, but I also know how to program in Python. I have basic knowledge in html as demonstrated with this website.

Below, there is a list of the debian packages I maintain, as well as my blog where I write posts about linux.